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The topics of Bitcoin, Blockchain and NFTs are making ever greater strides towards presentability. Years ago, still a wild online land. Today globally operating corporations profit from this technology turning over high double-digit billions annually. The Piece NFT is the next big step.

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Global players have already entered

Among them are not only rocket and car manufacturers. Also fashion brands are starting to cooperate with so-called meme coins. On Twitter, there is talk of soon being able to donate tips via Dogecoin and banks are offering Bitcoin. It’s only natural that computer games companies are developing new NFT projects and specialized marketplaces. Brand new companies specializing in this technology are also sprouting up. Many companies are merely trying to distribute their own images… well, works of art.

The future: digital Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering cards

So for me, it’s only a matter of time before you want and will want to own Pokemon cards and Magic: The Gathering cards both from a worldly pack and digitally as an NFT, as well. Further, I imagine you own the very first Pokemon set as a digital NFT. This way, it remains unique like its worldly counterpart. Both steadily increasing in value over time.

Growing business worth billions only at the beginning

This novel market is just getting started being a billion-dollar business in the high double digits, already. In the metaverse, you’ll be able to show off your NFTs in your own storefront. Imagine a VR art exhibition with collectibles that really only exist once. And it’s yours!

Take admission for your own VR-NFT exhibition

You’re walking through a gallery looking at NFT Matchbox cars which only exist 100 times in total. You’ll find a painting shredded by Banksy and completely destroyed afterwards just to see the new “original” in digital form – only there but nowhere else. For collectors, this will be worth a fortune. We’re talking loose six-figure sums here, which is not uncommon even today. Or even more, just a matter of time. Curious visitors to the exhibition will be willing to fork out a penny or two.

The first generation just before the mass market

We are the first generation to use non-fungible-token technology. At the same time, the broad market, the salon capability, has not even been tapped, yet. The online and mobile generation plays a significant role in this. As far as gaming is concerned, the mobile market beats the PC and console market by far. To be precise, the mobile market is bigger than the PC and console market combined. In 2021 alone, the mobile gaming market generated revenues of over $180 billion.

Let’s imagine that you can rent out this playing card or this work of art. Or better yet: sell parts of it, so-called NFT-Pieces. That’s exactly what The Piece NFT offers.

The Piece NFT – The NFT Marketplace

In short: *The Piece NFT is a marketplace for parts of NFTs. The NFTs are split there (Divided into fragments) and sold to market participants. By splitting the non-fungible token, the price is minimized so that the NFT pieces become affordable even for the smaller wallet.

Profit from expensive NFTs with little money

A considerable advantage arises from the splitting of NFTs. The so-called blue-chip NFTs are easily in the six-digit US dollar range. For the majority of market participants, they are thus in an intangible proximity. This problem is solved by THE PIECE NFT. You can profit from NFTs that even Snoop Dogg and Eminem are promoting in their all-important and unexpected collaboration. By splitting these Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, the price splits. So if you own a “Piece” of it, you will benefit from the increasing value of this NFT that is considered safe.

Secure trading of NFTs with ThePiece

To keep your investment as safe as possible, The Piece NFT works with anti-hack company Lossless, who recently prevented a $75 million theft, after which their token LSS increased in value by over 50%.

How the marketplace “ThePiece NFT” works

Every transaction on the website is paid in $PIECE. This is the in-house currency. Initially, the $PIECE currency will be available on the most popular swap platforms. Listing on major trading platforms such as Kucoin, Coinbase and Binance will follow.

Passive income from your art

Passive income 1:

Let’s say you sell your NFT on the marketplace of The Piece NFT. There it will be split into Pieces. The resulting Pieces will be sold and resold, again. As the original owner, you will receive your percentage share every time you (re)sell the NF-token. Thus, your NFT generates passive income. Another advantage: If the NFT increases in value, your income increases as well.

Passive income 2:

By selling the NFT you get $PIECE, the currency. You’ll be able to stake this currency, i.e. invest it. If you invest it for a certain period of time, like a savings account, you will receive rewards. These bonuses are credited daily. After a short period of time you can withdraw them.


As an investor of your $PIECE coins you will also get the right to participate in voting. For example, about which NFT will be purchased next. That way you can contribute to your assets’ and arts’ value actively.

The Piece USP
Advantages with NFT Marketplace The Piece

Cross -Chain-Support

Later this year, ThePiece NFT will offer so-called cross-chain support. The NFTs can be transferred to other blockchains. That provides you with the ability to trade your PIECE on other NFT marketplaces.

Low trading costs with Fantom Blockchain

With the well-known Ethereum blockchain, trading fees are exceedingly high, which is why Ethereum faces strong criticism. ThePiece NFT avoids this problem due to the chosen network of the Fantom chain. The trading fees are reduced to a minimum. This is a decisive advantage over the Ethereum blockchain for NFT Pieces.

Litepaper – Vorteile und Hintergründe von The Piece
Investment Paper – Kompetetive Analyse


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