Will Tyga’s quarantine song hit #1 on the Billboard charts?

It was only a matter of time until Covid-19 and Corona songs appeared on the Internet and ironically spread virally. The first one was still pretty cool. But then it got out of hand. But here BOSSHOORE presents the Quarantine Song by Tyga as a dangerous challenger to the No.1 of the Billboard Top 200.

The first video I saw about the Corona virus was the sung poem “Stay the Fuck at Home” by Chris Franklin, linked below. Very sympathetic with an important message.

The next song got on my nerves after half a minute and from then on I stopped looking. Let them come to me, as is fitting for a viral video about Corona, which many now want to use as moneymaking on Youtube. Tasteless.

Like maybe the one or other song by the rapper Tyga. You surely know his hits Rack City or Taste. The, not to say Corona Song by Tyga x Curtis Roach – Bored In The House is cool though. Also a quarantine song about boredom at home. I wouldn’t be surprised, if this track at least reaches the number one of the Billboard Top 200. That’s the name of the former Top 100 meanwhile. Further down you can find the videos mentioned before.

Can you think of any good quarantine songs? Tell me in the comments!

Tyga x Curtis Roach – Bored In The House

I became aware of the song through the quarantine poledance on Chilloutzone.net. Thanks a lot for all the years of funny videos.

Robert Emmett Kelly – Stay The Fuck at Home

Chris Franklin – Stay The Fuck At Home (poem)


Robert Emmett Kelly auf Youtube
Chris Franklin auf Youtube

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